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BeeSpeedy is a platform designed and developed by one creator who wishes to provide tools for smarter and faster work in an Etsy business.

The main aim of BeeSpeedy is to optimize work speeds in repetitive and frustrating tasks such as SEO tasks, title creation, and tag generation.

The documentation provides specifications of the tools and their features to get the most out of BeeSpeedy.

Whether you’re working with Etsy part-time or full-time, BeeSpeedy is a valuable tool for those who wish to work more efficiently in the less dominant aspects of their business.

99 problems with an Etsy shop, titles and tags shouldn’t be one of them.

Latest Release

BeeSpeedy Keyword Extension 1.1.0 – Extension Pay

2 July 2024




  • It is now possible to get unlimited use of BeeSpeedy for an early release price €14.99

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There’s currently no SEO tool that helps sellers create titles and tags reliably and transparently. All solutions today require guesswork and manual labor.

BeeSpeedy aims to remove as much SEO guesswork and labor as possible.

That’s the path of BeeSpeedy.

The vision? One button click away to a great title.

Current Compatibility

BeeSpeedy is recommended to be used on a Google Chrome browser, Windows, and 1920×1080 resolution.

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