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Easily filter keywords divided by commas (,).

This tool is a small tool developed without BeeSpeedy’s main features. It is free to use for everybody.


The Keyword Filter Tool is a tool that helps Etsy sellers remove duplicates or uncheck keywords they dislike.

This is especially useful during massive keyword research through copy-and-paste.

This tool can:

  • Remove duplicate keywords
  • Allow (un)selection of keywords
  • Copy prompts for ChatGPT or other AI

Tutorial / How to use:

Step 1:

Open Keyword Filter Tool

Step 2:

Paste a list of keywords separated by a comma into “Keywords”.

You can use BeeSpeedy or any Chrome extension to quickly gather keywords from listings

The tool will automatically understand that there are keywords given between commas.

keyword filter tool showing where to put in keywords and where keywords get shown

Feel free to add combinations you’d like to skip in the “Skip” text area.

The skip feature skips the exact match of the keywords given.

Step 3:

Activity: Deselect keywords that do not match your needs

Simply check the checkbox to uncheck or check a keyword:

Click on the Copy Selected if you wish to copy all selected and repurpose them into tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner. You can also copy already written prompts for AI that might be useful for you.

Click on the Copy with Info if you wish to copy all selected with numbers and character counters as shown.

Click on the Copy Unique Singular if you wish to copy all unique singular keywords.

a button inside keyword filter tool that allows users to copy unique singular keywords

AI prompts

Currently, these are the available prompts:

Categorize keywords: [keywords]

Create 13 tags with given keywords. Each 13 tag has 20 characters of space only. Fill each 13 tags up to 20 characters max. Do not use conjunctions. Only use a keyword once and as-is. Try to make it grammatically correct. Separate each tag with a comma. Don’t make a list. Output the tags in one line. Keywords: [keywords].

Create a title that is 140 characters long with these keywords, use all character space, use all the keywords as-is at least once, don’t add extravagant words, don’t add extravagant adverbs, don’t add conjunctions: [keywords].

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