Score System

Version 3.1.10 of BeeSpeedy extension

To achieve satisfactory SEO (grade C) the following requirements need to be fulfilled:

Filling at least 11 character space (+1 point)

The title has at least 2 unique keywords (+1 point)

Having a total of 4 keywords, combined from titles and tags (+1 point)

Having a total of 4 unique keywords, combined from titles and tags (+1 point)

Listing has at least 5 competitors (+1 point)

The scoring system is based on findings of Etsy’s bestsellers, see this Google sheet to see the data. BeeSpeedy is being tested extensively on varying bestsellers. Please note, that the score system is regularly updated to become more accurate.

Every point is given a grade: C, B, A, or S.

The grades reflect different levels of keyword and character density.

On a few requirements, if you go above S grade, it is possible to get a S+.

Although C is the lowest grade, it is a satisfactory result as it has been found on bestsellers.

BeeSpeedy’s grades:

Grade C: Satisfactory SEO (Default)

Grade B: Median SEO (Bestseller Averages)

Grade A: Competitive SEO

Grade S: SEO Keyword Pro

GradeTitle x/140Title Unique Tags x/13Tags Unique Unique Title+Tags CombinedUnique TotalCompetitors
S 140251335525212

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