Tags Extension for Etsy SEO



Easily find popular keywords via Etsy’s search bar for your listings.


This BeeSpeedy extension can quickly find popular tags and keywords people use via Etsy’s search bar.

Below the tutorial, you can see the features of the extension.

Tutorial / How to use:

Step 1:

Download BeeSpeedy Extension

Step 2:

Turn it on

BeeSpeedy keyword tool - shows users how to quickly start the tool by clicking on the extension then on the on/off switch and then on the button that appears inside the listing

Step 3:

Go to an Etsy listing (yours or competitors)

Click the button above the listing information

It will then find keywords for the user automatically.

BeeSpeedy keyword tool - shows users how it looks like when searching

Step 4:

Users can scroll through the findings BeeSpeedy found.

BeeSpeedy keyword tool - shows users how it looks like in details section


Filter results

By clicking on the eye icons, users can show and hide details they’d like to see. For example, they can show and hide keywords with unknown words.

Copy and paste

It is possible to copy findings to quickly paste them into titles and tags.

In the future users will also be able to select multiple findings to copy.

Add unknown keywords

When looking at the details, users can click on the question marks to make the unknown words as relevant. If a word is set to “relevant”, the tool can search for more combinations with it when clicking the button “search”.

Search your keywords

Users can search their keywords in case they forgot to add one to their listings.

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