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Keyword Filter Tool

Forage keywords then filter below 🙂



Separate keywords with a comma (,)

This tool:

  • Removes duplicate keywords
  • Allows (un)selection of keywords
  • Copy prompts for ChatGPT or other AI below

Categorize keywords: [keywords]

Create 13 tags with given keywords. Each 13 tag has 20 characters of space only. Fill each 13 tags up to 20 characters max. Do not use conjunctions. Only use a keyword once and as-is. Try to make it grammatically correct. Separate each tag with a comma. Don’t make a list. Output the tags in one line. Keywords: [keywords].

Create a title that is 140 characters long with these keywords, use all character space, use all the keywords as-is at least once, don’t add extravagant words, don’t add extravagant adverbs, don’t add conjunctions: [keywords].

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